2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2000 Jeep with 150k miles on it. It has been making a clicking sound when I make turns at slow speed. More noticeable when I make left turns. Now there is a metallic noise when I hit any bumps, even if going straight.

Have the disc brakes on the front checked. That’s where most noise originates. Check that your lugnuts are tight also. A loose wheel sometimes makes a noise until the BIG noise and the lugs break off. Have a qualified mechanic check these items.


If your Jeep is a four wheel drive, check the C/V joints on your front axle halfshafts. Most likly you have a torn boot and may have ruind a C/V joint. A 2000 Grand Cherokee will also have a C/V joint on the front driveshaft, you might check that too. There is a TSB regarding replaceing the front driveshaft with a U-joint style one. I had that done to my 2000 at around 100k miles.
A worn out C/V joint can make a clicking noise.