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1995 jeep cherokee wont start

we have a 1995 jeep cherokee that wont start. I have checked the coil, the distributor cap, the fuel pump, the fuel relief valve, the battery, and fuses. The one thing that I cant get out is the starter. It turns over fine but it just wont start running. Any advice would be appreciated.

Are you getting spark and fuel to the engine?

Does it have spark, and does it have fuel pressure?

Oh! Advice! Check for spark, and measure fuel pressure, and respond with findings and other pertinent information.

check the crank position sensor. it is a very common problem with jeeps. should be located at the rear of the engine right at the top of the bell housing for the transmission on the driver’s side. it can be a booger to get to. the connector for the pigtail of the crank sensor is on the passenger side of the transmission almost directly opposite of the crank sensor. make sure you have a good connection there.

BE VERY CAREFUL REMOVING THE BOLTS FOR THE CRANK SENSOR or they will fall directly down in the bell housing and you will play hell fishing them out.

Leave the starter alone.Your post says “it turns over fine”

Ditto on “Leave the starter alone”. You might also want to try spraying some starter fluid into the air inlet and crank it over. If it runs (probably not well) you’ve got spark but no fuel. Joe71c10 is also pretty accurate on the crank sensor. My '01 Cherokee sport had a similar problem and the crank sensor was the culprit.