95 Honda Civic DX.. A/C situation

This is on behalf of my dad… He has a 95 Civic commuter car…(the Blue Hornet), 200,000mi+ great runner!!!.. Thing is… he replaced the A/C compressor,hose fittings,and such and had it recharged professionally. Under the hood, you can physically see the A/C hose sweating from condensation…and super cold to the touch. In the cabin, forget it…barely cool, at best. Tech Guy says these things dont get that cold, just “cool”… is this true?? on these Honda’s… also checked mechanisms under dash to make sure hot/cold flipper door works right… and the whole 9… still the same. I know the lines under the hood get real cold… don’t understand why not in the car… Thanks for your help on this…

Was the expansion valve also replaced? This is what meters the refrigerant into the evaporator. If this valve isn’t functioning correctly you’ll get poor performance from the AC system.


Very Interesting point… never thought about that… dont think he has replaced that. I bet it’s a pain to get to and fix, you have an idea? I appreciate your input on this matter… thanks!!!