2008 Honda Civic air conditioner mystery

This car is our granddaughter’s. The air conditioner is not working properly. Sometimes it blows cold and then starts blowing hot. There is no leak in the compressor, and we had freon put in. Our mechanic then said it was some defective part and replaced that. Guess what? Still doing the same thing. Since we just replaced four tires with those pricey pressure things, the back bumper (yes she has a rear view mirror) and a wheel well liner, we don’t want to get rid of it now. What could be the problem with the air conditioner??

AC is a specialty area and if I didn’t want to try it on my own I would leave it to an AC specialty shop or a busy Honda dealership.

Most time its the magnetic clutch.This device at the end of the compressor engages the serpentine belt whenever the A/C is turned on.Locate the compressor pulley and belt and look carefully if the belt slips when the A/C is turned on, it should not.A worned serpentine belt could also be the cause.

If there’s no leak then why and how was “freon” put in ?

Just nitpicking, but it’s actually refrigerant, not freon.

The hood needs to be up and watch the compressor clutch to make sure that it’s staying engaged. If you see it cycling on and off then there’s an issue with an improper refrigerant charge, problems with a pressure switch, and so on. Maybe even a problem with the compressor driver module; along with other things. Main thing is to determine whether the compressor is staying engaged.

I was not planning to repair the AC myself. I wanted guidance so some mechanic will not be “fixing” it by process of elimination! That can get expensive.

Process of elimination by a good mechanic is not replacing parts, but eliminating working parts as a problem and getting to the failed part.

The problem you describe may indicate a problem with the expansion valve.


Thanks much.