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Honda Civic 2005 AC problems

My AC stops working intermittently - I got a whole new compressor about 2 years ago, then it stopped working alltogether about a month ago, they said they couldn’t find any leak but filled it up w/ added dye. Now it blows cold for awhile on the highway, but will randomly blow warm air, and also blow warm air when I’m stopped at a light (Which is no good in Phoenix, AZ) I took it back in and they said they couldn’t find a leak or anything wrong with it, that some hose was probably just freezing and then I would have to wait for it to thaw… but that doesn’t explain why it never happened before… and it’s not normal (clearly)… I just want a car that I don’t have to roast in this summer!

Find a better AC shop, preferably one that specializes in automotive HVAC systems.

For many mechanics AC is just a side line, and if the problem can’t be fixed by leak repair and recharge they are stumped.

An automotive AC specialist will make your Honda’s AC work like new.

Surely there must be such a shop in Phoenix, where AC is essential.

A/C problems are difficult to diagnose over the net without knowing the system pressures involved.

Based on your description of a hose freezing this sounds like the evaporator is freezing up. The hose is an offshoot of that. This could be caused by:
Insufficient system charge. (Slightly low)
Moisture inside the system due to an improper system evacuation when the repairs were done.
Compressor control module faulty, faulty pressure switch, etc, etc.

Without knowing pressures at idle and at elevated RPMS it’s near impossible to make a guess as to what is going on.
By chance, did they happen to notate pressures on any paperwork? This is something that should always be done but seldom ever does this occur it seems.

I had the same problem with the a/c compressor in my 1998 Civic. It ended up being a short in the wire harness that leads to the compressor. It took a week of letting the a/c technician drive my car home each night to diagnose the problem.

Have your technician bend the wire harness back and forth to see if that is what it is.