'95 GMC Sierra P/U, how hard to replace clutch on AC compressor


My son’s truck is making a lot of racket and it is definitely the AC compressor clutch. If I have to replace the compressor I will have to take it to a shop. I saw that the clutch is available at Auto Zone. How difficult, special tools required? Diagram at Auto Zone looked like there was one bolt on the front of the clutch holding it together.


Yes, there are special tools required and AutoZone should have these as part of the free loaner tool program.

There’s more to it than a nut. A holding tool is used to hold the clutch stationary while the nut is removed and a puller is used to removed the outer part of the clutch. The remainder of the clutch assembly is usually held on by snap rings so you will need snap ring pliers for that part of it.

They’re not hard to do (with the tools of course) unless the compressor is buried deep. In those cases, trying to get in that hole to access a snap ring can be real pain in the neck.