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I need help

I ran a post called “A/C Clutch” and received 4 replies. Then I asked if anyone knew of a reason that I could not pull the A/C pully and replace it. Since then no one has responded. Please help me, I need to get this thing fixed. It’s a 1996 Dodge 2500 Van with a 318 CID

Yes, you can replace the clutch assembly separately. It’s done all of the time.
You will need a few special tools though. These are often available from parts houses such as AutoZone, O’Reilly’s, etc. as part of their rental tool program. Rent the tools and your money will be refunded when you return the tools.

With enough wrestling it’s possible to do it without these tools but I would not recommend it at all as it would be easy to screw the clutch plate up.

If you’re going this far with it then it would actually be a good idea to replace the compressor shaft seal at this time but you did not mention if there was any cooling problems; only noise related ones. If you replace the seal then the system would need to be evacuated and recharged of course.

(And when changing the clutch you should check the air gap when it’s assembled. This is usually adjusted with small, thin shims and may require removal of the clutch outer plate again to add or subtract shims as necessary.)

Thanks so much, I have been trying to find this info for about a week. Since the A/C works fine I don’t think I’ll try to mess with the seal. It’s 12 years old and has never needed any freon.

Your advice was Right On. I went to Auto Zone and got a wheel puller, went to my friend’s shop and we pulled the pullies off and exchanged them. All seems to be well now. Thanks for the info that it took me a week to get. Case closed!!

Thank you for letting us know the results. :slight_smile: