1996 chevy 1500 a/c clutch bearings


I have a 1996 Chevy 1500 with the 5.7 vortec engine. the bearing for the A/C compressor has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know how to get the clutch plate and the pulley off? I am dying here in N.C. It is July and HOT.



It takes several special tools. These should be, knock on wood, available for free use from AutoZone or O’Reilly’s loaner tool program.
You may need some snap ring pliers also.


[b]Also, when you remove the clutch disc from in front of the compressor, be carefull not to lose any of the spacer shims that will come off with the clutch disc. These shims are what set the air gap between the clutch disc and the pulley. If you get this air gap wrong, the clutch will either rub on pulley if the air gap is too close, or the clutch will slip if the air gap is too great.



AutoZone did have several tools available. I am not sure what they all did and the clerks did not either. Their are two set of three “pins” showing in the front of the clutch plate and there is a threaded shaft with a key way that I guess holds it all together. I have looked in the Chilton’s and Haynes guides and did not find the instructions for this. Is there another sorce of schematics or plans?


the clutch disk is the part I am have a time with. Not sure how the pins come out?


[b]If you look at the clutch disc, you’ll find that the inside center of the disc is threaded. This is where the puller for the clutch disc threads on. Then the forcing screw of the puller forces against the compressor shaft to remove the clutch disc. It’s a splined interference fit.

Once the clutch disc is removed, there’s a snap ring inside that needs to be removed to remove the pulley and bearing.

Once the pulley and bearing are removed, the bearing can be replaced. Here’s what these pullers look likehttp://www.sjdiscounttools.com/atd-3630.html