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95 dodge grand caravan

my 95 dodge grand caravan front wheel drive is acting strange. It sounds and feels as if the front right tire is flat when driving. I stopped the vehicle and check the tire and it is ok. it has done this twice over the last week and a half. it only last for one to two minutes each time. After a short time all goes back to normal

any ideas.

More datils about the car please: mileage, tranny type, etc, etc.

Do you feel anything in the steering wheel when this happens? If yes, what exactly.
Does it pull to any one side? Hard?

120,000 miles, automatic transmisson, It feels and sounds like a flst tire.

My first guesses would have to do with either a wheel bearing or CV joint on its last legs.

Unfortunately there is no way to do more than blind guessing without being able to inspect it. You’ll just need to take it to a shop - I’d go for a local, independent place that specializes in front end work.

Could it be that your wheel nuts are coming unscrewed?
Did you check them?
With a wrench?

Should there be a harmonic balancer on any of the halfshafts? And is it missing?