there is a noise when i drive i can feel it as well. its a low deep noise and vibration as if something was on the wheel i put a spare on the wheel that looked to be the problem but it did not go away. its a noise that comes and goes as if it was on something that rotates.

Front or rear wheel? How about rotating the tyres so they are all moved. If there is no change you can almost eliminate wheels and tyres.

If it is front wheel issue, then I would consider checking out the CV joints.

Unless that truck has 4WD, we have to rule out CV joints.
Another possibility is a wheel bearing, but both bearings and CV joints should not be problematic on a 5 year old truck with 80k miles.
I would be inclined to think that this is a tire-related problem.

And use a good mechanic whose first thought is to get in and drive it.