'99 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 V6 - wobble noise

Had the rack and pinion replaced at a shop and a wobble noise started in the front end. Thought it might be rotors so I replaced them and the brake pads. No change. This is an oscillating sound that typically occurs when I take my foot off the gas and begin to coast - mostly around 25 mph . Stepping on the gas makes the sound decrease or disappear. The sound gets louder and slower as I brake and the van is nearly stopped. It’s not quite a scraping sound - more like the suspension groan that you get in the winter when you push down on a corner of the vehicle. I put the front end on jack stands (keeping the wheels on)this weekend to attempt to recreate the sound. No luck but I did notice that once the front wheels started rotating on their own, after several rotations, they seemed to bind up and groan. After about one “grinding” rotation, they “freed up” and continued rotating freely. It was almost as though the tires were rubbing up against something but they really weren’t.

My guess would be a worn out sway bar link.Put it up on stands again and hold the links one at a time while you have someone turn the steering back and forth. You will feel the vibration if the link is bad.