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2000 Dodge Dakota stalls

2000 Dodge Dakota (144K miles)just performed tune up (spark plugs, oil change, pvc, air filter, battery). Before and After tune up I am experiencing stalling at light after going over multiple speed bumps.

And it doesn’t stall if you don’t go over any bumps?

One time a couple of months ago when I was on the Highway at 50 mph. Other than that, only when I cross over multiple speed bumps.

Sounds like maybe there’s an electrical problem somewhere…it’s possible the FI system is turning off…maybe…or even the ignition system. Do you get ANY indicator lights? Does it start right back up, or does it have to sit for a minute or two? Can you hear any pumps running, or anything else between when it shuts down and when you start it back up?

You can try (with the motor running), shaking the wiring harness on the motor. I know, sounds a bit silly, but if there’s a partial break somewhere, it might - might - show up, and it should be able to run even with the harness being shaken around…like it would be going over speed bumps. :slight_smile:

Don’t you also have a regular distributor? You know, cap and rotor type? It’s also possible there’s something amiss with the electrical bits or connections there.

Just WAG’s at it. Hopefully something will click.

First time I had the ignition light come on the next time I did not. As for starting right back up I had to wait a minute before restarting the engine.

No I do not have a regular distributor.