1996 Honda Accord Cpe - Clutch

Hey guys and girls. I have a 1996 honda accord 2.2 LX 2 door 5 speed. First standard vehicle I have ever owned and I love her. My girlfriend drove her home yesterday with no problems. I got in it today to go to work and the clutch felt soft. I tried putting it in gear and it would roll a little bit and I could tell the clutch wasnt engaging. I didnt know if I should go ahead and change the clutch or what else to look for before I go ahead and do that. Haven’t got under it yet to look. Anyone with advice would be greatly appreciated. You guys helped me before when I was stumped and helped me out tremendously!

Start the car up in neutral. Depress clutch, put it in 1st, let the clutch out. Does the clutch engage and the car move? Yes? (if NO, you need a clutch) Now drive it onto the highway, stay in the right lane in 5th gear. Stomp on the gas. Compare the tach and the speedometer, which moves faster? The tach? you need a new clutch. The speedometer? All is well.


I cant even get it in gear. I start it, push the clutch down and try to put it in gear and the wheels roll a little bit and wont go into gear. I didnt want to force it because the clutch doesnt feel like its engaging.

That is most likely the clutch hydraulic system itself. Slave cylinder or master cylinder. Much cheaper and easier tom access! It could be a broken bellville spring in the clutch pressure plate but that is less likely.

Okay what should I look for? Would fluid be coming out? Ay the clutch pedal I did notice there was some fluid at the rod that the pedal pushes down.

At the clutch pedal*

I’d keep it. The girlfriend I mean. The clutch was probably due anyway.

Fluid might be coming out… brake fluid (used in clutch systems, too) … from either slave or master. Look in the reservoir, is it low? Smell the leaking fluid and feel it. Does it feel like brake fluid? If it is inside the car, that is the master leaking.

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