1991 Geo Prism (Toyota Corrola) Replacing Axles



To remove either the driver’s or passenger’s side axles do you have to split the tie rod ball joint? on another car, I was able to turn the steering wheel hard to one side and swing the rotor out enough to allow the axle to be pushed out of it.

I was told that it can be very hard to pull the axles out of the transmission/differential housing. True ? Is there a good way to pull them?

Do I need any puller or other tool to get the rotor and bearing off of the axle?

I assume that replacing axles is the way to go, rather than rebuilding the CV joints. True.

Do you have any suggestions “cute tricks” etc. for doing this job?


The only way to know is to try. If you can’t remove the axle then you might have to separate the tie rod and maybe the lower ball joint as well.

Removing the axle fronm the transmission should require just a pry bar. Pry between the case and the joint, the axle should pop out. There is a snap ring in the end of the shaft that holds the axle in and sometimes it requires some force to remove the axle. Just be careful when prying on it so you don’t damage anything.


Thank you Willey, for your comments.

An additional question: There are different brands of rebuilt axles - which are the best?


The problem is there could be different brands where I live. Frankly in your case I would just get the least expensive ones.


I think the trick on this one is to first mark the location of the notch on the offset concentric washer on the top nut of the lower strut mount. This is the adjustment of you camber. With this marked, remove the bolts for the bottom of the strut. Then the top of the hub can swing out. You may have to move the steering wheel too.

The outer Cv joints on the Toyota axles are not rebuildable and most “remans” are junk. They may come with a lifetime warrantee, but that just means you get a free one every couple of months, you have to do the labor yourself.

However, there are cheap new axles made in China available and cost about the same as most of the junk remans. I know you can get them at Advance Auto Parts. You can get the EMPI brand at autopartswarehouse.com if you don’t mind doing business over the internet. I used them on out 86 Tercel and they are very good. Mine were $92 ea. I have heard the a place called Rock Auto has GSP axles for about $112/pr including s&h.