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1997 Chevy S 10, won't start but fires if brake cleaner shot into intake

1997 Chevy 2.2l 4cyl LS model. Changed fuel filter and am trying the fuel pump tomorrow. BUT if this doesn’t work any ideas? I want to be ready because this is my only vehicle. Has spark, turns over but acts as if not getting gas. (Recently had new clutch installed.)

Is it carburated or fuel injected?


A few questions . . .

Does this truck have a fuel pressure test port?

If so, have you yet hooked up a gauge?

What are the results?

No offense, but are you sure you have enough fuel to start?

Do you have power and ground at the fuel pump?

If it starts with ether, starting fluid, etc., you’ve pretty much confirmed you have a fuel pressure problem. Now you need to narrow it down

Try crawling under the truck with rubber mallet and give the gas tank a few good whacks and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, you know it’s the fuel pump.


It definitely sounds like a no-fuel problem. I presume the I in “2.2I” means it is fuel injected. And you are certain there is plenty of gasoline in the gas tank.

hmmm … a shop would probably measure the fuel pressure at the rail if nothing obvious was discovered by looking and whacking stuff. If you don’t have that capability yourself, one idea, the fuel pump isn’t getting any electricity. This is a pretty common problem with electrical fuel pumps. What happens, the fuel filter clogs over time which causes the pump to use more current, and it eventually burns or melts the pump’s electrical power connector. If you can find that connector, take it apart and look for signs of burned contacts. If so, well, you know what to do at that point.

Measuring the voltage at the fuel pump might provide a clue.

Another line on this. The fuel pump won’t run if the computer thinks the engine isn’t turning. That’s a safety feature. Unlikely in this case, since you are getting spark, so it seems difficult to believe the computer doesn’t know the engine is turning. But something to consider anyway.

Thank you folks that actually helps and let me answer a few: Fuel injected, yes. As for test port . . . maybe? I did use a wire to try to get the fuel pump to work to no avail. It’s definitely not getting juice whether bad or burned up connecter. Enough fuel to start . . . about 5 gallons. Power at the pump? Unknown until tomorrow. (it is 2 hours from me at the moment)

Again, thank you. Sounds like I made the right choice on fuel pump for certain and all that is left is the wing and a prayer that it will crank tomorrow. (plus many many threats to its life.)

Dont try and start it until you have fuel pressure in the fuel rail…you already diagnosed that its a fueling issue.

Turn key all the way on…tap on the tank…play with and check fuel pump relay…and monitor the Schrader valve on the fuel rail…check it prior to tank tapping…and check it after each adjustment of fuel relay or what have you…no use in cranking it till that fuel rail spits fuel out at you.

Most likely its the fuel pump…or fuel pump relay. You can test the system in increments…is the relay being energized? You can skip the relay and power pump direct…if it doesnt pump at that time…its the pump…no need to look further. Except for ground at the pump plug…thats important too… But its prolly the pump…really doesnt owe you anything at this point in time…


Beware . . . this truck may have a burnt-up pigtail. Typical for GM

The new fuel pump kit may very well have a pigtail in there, which you’ll have to splice in, because your truck’s wiring won’t match the new pump