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95 cadillac eldorado dash showing "service ride control 30899"

Any help on what this means?

You are probably going to have to go to either a dealer or a mechanic who can read the specific codes (more in depth than OBD II) for the body control module, or the ESSC system.
Try cadillac forums and use ‘service ride control’ or ‘ESSC’ in the search. Cadillac really went overboard on that system, and it is quite elaborate. I don’t know if it could be as simple as a leaking line/shock or as bad as a new module???

It means the electronically controlled shock and strut system in your Eldo has a problem. I can’t find that code anywhere but you can read the trouble codes yourself by pressing the “off” and red buttons together on your climate control. Here is a link to working through the trouble tree.

If a strut or shock has failed, you may have a trouble finding a replacement and if you do, it will be costly. If it is a sensor, that may be easier to find and be cheaper

I’m not familiar with Cadillac air rides but most problems involved leaking solenoid O-rings or dry rotted air bags around the folds. To a lesser extent the compressor could be iffy or the filter dessicated with moisture. At 20 years of age anything is possible.

You might check with American Air Suspension for advice and parts. Great guy and extremely knowledgeable with air ride systems.

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This isn’t solely air ride. The system has air leveling on the rear dampers plus the compressor but all four corners have electronically controlled damping. I.e. the system reads the road with 4 wheel sensors and changes the damping stiffness to keep the car controlled no matter what the road in addition to leveling.

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