2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid - Ride control gone

The Ride Control (selection for normal, sport, or comfort settings) no longer works. Three Lincoln dealers have tested the electronic control module with test results “all normal” so they do not know what to do. Could the problem be struts/shocks need to be replaced? Ride is now lousy and I want that Lincoln ride again!

Considering that the dealer has no way to actually test the shocks and struts to see if they are OK, and the highly unlikely scenario that all 4 struts failed at the same time, I would be concerned you’ll spend a lot of money for no result at all.

Ride control shocks and struts are very expensive.

The ride control ecu should have diagnostics that identify failed struts. If there are no error codes, I’d suggest the struts have not failed.

Maybe the problem is elsewhere. Did you recently get new tires, maybe?

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Thanks. Good ideas. I have new tires, but my main complaint is the failure to be able to switch between ride control modes as I was previously able to do. Dealers found no error codes in the control module. About ready to give up and trade in on a different car.

If the new tires are not very similar to the old ones… i.e. Michelin tires replaced by a brand not kown for a good ride… that can seriously affect the how you perceive the ride of your car

Yes, I agree with your comments. Thanks!

But my BASIC complaint is the the control for ride (normal, sport, or comfort) does NOT change the ride as it once did. That should not have anything to do with tire brand. This control affects the damping in the shocks, and I have been unable to find a Lincoln dealer that can find the problem.

But your comments are certainly valid regarding differences in tires. I replaced the Goodyear tires (when worn down) with Pirelli and got a much better ride and a quieter ride. But still not able to affect ride control as the car once did.

Thank you for your comments!


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the dealer agrees the ride control cannot be selected but says it is ok as there are no codes. you know the control is not working as your senses tell you. if you had a warranty they probably would change the module. or BCM or whatever it is controlled by. or they might not. i bet they would change parts if you paid them too?

Contact Lincoln corporate and tell them your dealer can’t diagnose the problem, and ask them for suggestions.

This, btw, is something your dealer should have already done if they’re genuinely stumped, so if they didn’t I suspect general laziness as at least part of the reason why they can’t get you a diagnosis.

Generally correct that the tires should not affect the ability to determine between the various ride settings. Generally. But people have widely varying abilities to detect such things and varying interpretations of what “ride” actually means.

I worked on and with electronic ride control shocks and struts for over 25 years for a major automotive supplier. Making the settings wide enough to show value without giving you settings of; Way too floppy, Just Right and Way too hard such that the control is always set to Just Right.

And then someone changes the tire brand and model and changes the feel, mostly impact feel. I am not discounting what you feel but I can’t know, for sure, what you actually feel.

Your comments have been very helpful. The problem I am having with ride control did not happen following the new tire installation. Still looking for a dealer that will take the time for analysis.
Thank you for your thoughts.

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Will try this.



Good comments. Frustrating dealing with the repair shop in the dealership. They claim there is no way to know what the problem is. I just do not believe that, but what to do now?

I may keep trying different dealers (3 so far, no luck). Bound to be one somewhere that can correct this for me.

Thanks for your comments!!!


Do you have some sort of repair & service manual for this car? Chiltons/Haynes? If so, what does it say? Beyond that …

The manufacturer (Ford in this case) often will have corporate tech-specialty experts on staff available for this sort of problem. A proper diagnosis may require more expertise and diagnostic equipment than the typical dealership shop has. I second the idea above to contact Ford/Lincoln directly. The expert may be able to instruct the local shop what to do over the phone; but they may have to fly their expert there, so it might take a while to get resolved. For a 2013, the car is probably out of warranty, so ask about the fee for this service beforehand. You may decide that the ability to switch the ride characteristics isn’t worth the expense.

I have replaced adjustable shock absorbers on luxury cars that cost $10,000 for all four units.

I really can’t detect the difference between “normal” and “comfort” during a short road test with these over priced cars. If a customer thought that the ride could be improved by replacing certain parts I would not want to be involved in the repair.

You are mistaken, they made the problem go away.

RA has the struts for 200 or so for each. Not too bad

Thanks for the hint. RA selection is much more complete that some others.

But for the switch to stop working means it’s not the struts to me.

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Again, what sre the odd that all 4 struts failed at the same time??

The struts are not the problem

Well, I definitely agree with you. So far, the Lincoln dealers tests show the electronic control module for strut adjustments is operating correctly and therefor they do not want to replace the control module. So I am stuck!

I may just check to find out the cost of replacing the module, would probably be less than the cost of the struts!

Many thanks for your thoughts!


I agree!

Now the problem: getting the Lincoln repair shop to agree.

Thanks for your thoughts!



I have called Lincoln Customer Service, very helpful - BUT - cannot get the dealer interested in calling Lincoln for assistance. Dealer simply responds that their test shows the electronic module as “OK.” So I feel stuck regarding this problem. I also agree with others that the struts are probably NOT the problem because it would be unexpected that all 4 would go out at the same time. So I really think the electronic control module is the key. I have the car covered with extended warranty - BUT the dealer does not want to replace the electronic module since the test equipment shows OK.


But - I certainly appreciate your comments - very helpful!