'95 Accord Antenna

Does anybody know of a cheap bolt on antenna I can substitue for the motorized retracting antenna on my Accord?

Given the car’s age it seems like a waste to go the route of replacing it with OEM or even salvage parts - I just need something that works

Right now the unit makes a grinding noise and the antenna “sticks” and doesn’t pop up…I haven’t disassembled it but maybe I should just open it up and spray the mechanisms with WD40…

see if there is a pull a part or other salvage yard that has one.

The motorized antenna is driven by a plastic toothed belt. The teeth wear out. A dealer’s mechanic told me that the toothed drive belt is available from the dealer’s parts department for about $30. Radio Shack has antenna that you can install, about $10.

Go to any auto parts store and take your old antenna with you. There are several replacement “fix-it” setups that will work. Personally, I’d go to a salvage yard and get a used one. The local yard charges $5 for an antenna. Clean it up, lubricate it and give it a try. Rocketman