Radio Antenna Replacement

Is it possible to replace a power antenna with a fixed one in a 1995 Concorde with the Infinity stereo system? The stock antenna does not raise or lower because the gears that do the work are ground up. I contacted Crutchfield regarding this and a representative told me that I would have to replace the antenna with a similar part. That did not seem right to me because the car is not under warranty and my rationale is if the car is not under warranty, you can replace parts that are not the same as the original because there is not warranty to void. I currently have the antenna in the down position, which means that reception on both AM and FM can be spotty, especially when I am next to a tall object such as a tree or a truck. Has anyone ever attempted this and if so, what was the result? I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

I once replaced a power antenna with a fixed one in a 1981 Nissan Maxima. I had no problems with radio reception. Almost any straight piece of wire can be used as an antenna, but I recommend using a telescopic whip. Before you take it to the automated car wash, just remember to lower it by hand.

I’ve done it on other vehicles. It’s possible. It depends on your access to the inner fender where it’s mounted.

The ribbon chain in the antenna mast is what’s probably chewed up. You can just replace the antenna mast.

Get a replacement mast, then loosen the nut for the mast. Have someone turn the radio on so the motor operates. Pull up on the mast while the motor runs to extract the mast. Take the new mast and feed the ribbon chain onto the gear. Have someone turn the radio off and guide the new ribbon chain onto the gear. Tighten the mast nut.


I can access the antenna mast by pulling back the trunk liner. Here is what I want to do: remove the power antenna mast and replace it with a fixed one. The main disadvantage of power antennas is that you have to clean them regularly, which you do not need to do with a fixed antenna. I do not know if I could do it myself or with someone assisting me; are there professionals who do work of this nature and if so, how do I find them?

If you have access then it shouldn’t be too difficult.

All you have to do is mount the antenna…this will require you to put a nut on the inside fender and the antenna mounts on top… Then run the antenna wire to the radio…Follow the same path as the power antenna.

Yes there are professionals who will do this…Try anyplace that specializes in car stereos.