94 Volvo 850 No Start Nightmare

I have a chronic no start problem - help! It’s driving me crazy! I have replace MANY parts (starter, relay, etc), all which temporarily solve the problem - only to have it return again. It has 209k miles, has been meticulously maintained but I need the “real fix” for this problem!

Itemize the symtoms of the no-start; such as “cranks for a long period of time”, and other such things.
Itemize what has been done. This way, we don’t have to continually ask you, “Did you do this…?”, or, “Did you change that…?”.

Sorry for the delay…I wanted to get all my details in order. Here goes…From Jan '04 to Nov '08, the car was towed in 9 times for a crank, no start. It would crank for a long time but not turn over…power was there but no firing to start up. There was no apparent pattern to it ie: cold weather, rainy, etc. Twice it started upon arrival to the repair shop. Here is the list of items that have been addressed…replaced fouled spark plug, distributor cap/rotor/wires, ignition coil, spark plug kit (again), fuel pump, starter motor, relay, battery. It was running fine from 11/08 until 2 wks ago when I had a no start again. Towed in, battery was charged, car was “flooded” from AAA trying to get it going before towing (big mistake to let them fool with it). Now it’s back and running like a top. Mechanic said that I need to unplug the battery if I’m going to leave the car undriven (I was out of town for 5 days). This has been an AMAZING car for me. I have 210k on it. Hopefully, the problem has been resolved but I’d like to hear your thoughts on the situation… THANKS! kbok