Volvo restart problem



I have a 1994 volvo 850. problem is we drive the car to store or to get gas turn it off get out for about 10 minutes get back into car and turn key --NOTHING. no sound at all totally dead yet lights radio etc all work. wait about 20 minutes and car will start back up. doesnt happen all the time but randomly. my son has the car away at school with him and it happened twice since school started (9/2). we have replaced cam sensor already and fuel line has been checked car has about 125000 miles on it. any suggestions?


I’ve had this problem. The key cylinder is worn/damaged and needs replacement. If you need a temporary fix, tapping the cylinder with the key several times before you turn it eventually realigns things properly.


thanks I’ll try it


did this work for you? I have a similar problem.


yes, we had the key cylinder replaced and have had no problem since


A failing starter motor could be the culprit…tapping on starter motor with rubber or wooden handle while turning key in cranking position.If starter motor engages when tapping,starter motor needs replacement…


Check for voltage at the starter solenoid. If it’s there, the solenoid is bad. If it’s not there, key switch is bad.