1995 Volvo 85T Stalled and now it wont start

My Volvo sometimes stall while driving, but most of the time while sitting at a light or stopped. I had someone look at it and they replaced the battery. it kept stalling. I had others look at it and they can not figure it out. Finally last night on the way home it stalled while driving. I charged the battery and nothing. it makes no sound when I try to turn it over. it has oil, trans fluid, gas. someone please help

Fuel pump? Does fuel rail have good pressure with key on? You need to have tech verify. Ignition? Bad ign module, bad maf, bad PCM? Hard to guess

I had the same problem, after six visits to the garage and still happening, I junked it.

it doesn’t seem to have spark. and I smell gas. thanks for the feedback

I expect you have more than one problem. Let’s deal with the no sound at all when attempting to start it. You mean it isn’t even cranking? And the battery has a full charge? It could be something as simple as the ignition switch is faulty, or a starter relay is bad, or the neutral safety switch is bad or mis-aligned. Or the starter motor is kapuut.

Tell us more about this situation. When it wouldn’t crank before, but then you try it again and it does crank and start, did you do anything special to make it crank finally?

battery is charged, starter was checked and its ok, I have to find the ignition switch to see if it is bad. The battery terminals have been cleaned, there is fuel in the rail, I have oil.

You didn’t answer George’s question: is it cranking or not?

no crank, no start

Possibles; bad starter, bad starter relay (solenoid), bad ignition switch, bad neutral interlock switch if an automatic transmission, bad clutch petal switch if it is a manual transmission.

All this assumes it is a good battery. You may have fully charged the battery, but a defective battery might indicate it took a charge, but isn’t holding a charge. If the battery is over 3 years old have it load tested, or connect up a known good battery to see if it has the energy to crank and engage the starter.

Don’t confuse the stalling problem with the no crank, no start problem. They are not related. First you have to resolve the no cranking. Once the starter motor is turning over the motor, then you switch to why it won’t start, or why it stalls after it is running. For now, just deal with the no cranking issue.

ok I just replaced the starter and now it runs. but I lose power going up hills

Is this car new to you? What is the maintenance history? Last new air filter, last set of new spark plugs? Loss of power on hills could be the auto transmission is not kicking down into a lower gear.

If you don’t know much about the history of this car; start with new plugs, new distributor cap, new plug wires, a new air filter, and a new fuel filter. Volvo’s of this era call for new plugs, new cap, and new wires every 30K miles and most owners just don’t keep up on this maintenance as the cars age. Get all this stuff replaced, then see how it runs.

If there are still issues, and it could lots of things, I’d start with cleaning and possibly replacing the mass airflow sensor.

I don’t too much about the history. I just retired from the military and the car was given to me. I put new plugs in January, and new air filter, I did not replace the distributor cap or wires or the fuel filter. I will replace these and go from there. thank you