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94 pontiac sunbird timing belt

I have a 1994 pontiac sunbird whose timing belt keeps slipping. I had it replaced once, drove it three times, and it wouldn’t start. Checked the timing belt which was lose. Turned out the tensioner was worn out. Replaced the timing belt tensioner and timing belt again. Started the car about 4-5 times, got in to take it to be inspected and it wouldn’t start. Checked the timing belt. It had been striped. Thought maybe it was just a bad belt. Replaced it a third time. Started great the first 20 times or so and now the same thing is happening. Any suggestions as to why the belt keeps getting damaged?

The engine in your vehicle is a push rod type engine. That means there is no timing belt, but instead a timing chain.


2.0L 4 cylinder engine. One of the components the timing belt drives could have excessive resistance—water pump, or camshaft. I would change the water pump —just because.

Is the OP referring to the serpentine belt which drives the power steering pump, alternator, and A/C compressor, rather than a timing belt?

Tester and VDCdriver,
The 2.0L four cylinder engine in the 1994 Pontiac Sunbird has a timing belt. It’s the V6 that doesn’t. So speakth Gates timing belts (etc.) people:
Luckily for jrollins, the engine isn’t an interference fit.

My thoughts exactly. Maybe the water pump is trying to seize or maybe you’re not setting the belt tension properly.

FYI. When replacing a timing belt always replace the water pump and any/all belt tensioners or idlers.

I was wondering if the water pump might have something to do with it. Thanks.