Timing belt

I’m looking to buy a Pontiac Sunbird that is said to have a busted timing belt, what could I expect to pay for this? Please tell me what you can about this.

That depends…Does if have a interference engine??? If so…walk away…You’re looking a MAJOR engine work…the very least is new valves…could mean as much as a new engine.

If it DOESN’T have a interference engine…then you should just be able to put in a new belt and drive away.

Bring your mechanic. Aside from timing belt, you might have to replace the H2O pump, pulley, tensioner, bearings, etc…(if they are driven by the t/b). To avoid all these, why not just look for a car with timing chain.

My research shows that the 1996 to 1998 Pontiac Sunbird doesn’t have a timing belt on either the 2.2L or the 2.4L engine. It may be a busted timing chain. I can’t tell you if those, with timing chains, would be damaged by a slipped timing chain, or not. Knowing the actual year, and engine, of the car would help.

In addition to the points already made, realize that since you cannot start or drive the car there may be numerous very expensive problems that aren’r obvious. The tranny could be shot, the brakes toast, the suspension banging, or coolant gushing out the heater core. It coudl be shaking and shimmying on the highway or barely able to stop. You have no way of knowing.

I’d suggest you keep looking. I recommend against buying a car that you can’t drive and test out, unless of course it’s a classic for a “project” car.