Replacing water pump in 1994 Pntiac Sunbird LE

What is involved with replacing the water pump and does this car have a timing chain or belt? If a belt what is the recommended replacement mileage? Thanks in advance.

Have you looked under the hood?

The car is not here, I think the pump may be behind timing cover but not sure how big a job it is. EX: how much crap do I have to remove first, do I have to jack up the engine, etc…

Are you going to make me look up what potential engines your car could have? You are the one asking for help.

Sorry, not thinking straight. I know its a 4cyl, but whether its 1.8 or 2.0 I do not know.

The 2.0 liter 4-cylinder has a timing belt. The V-6 has a chain. There is no 1.8 listed for 1994.

The 4-cylinder is not, however, an interference engine. That’s a good thing.

The water pump on the 4 is driven by the timing belt, and should be replaced with the belt, or vice versa.

I’ve never laid a finger on a '94 Sunbird, but after two minutes of research I know more about your car than you know. Scary, isn’t it?

Your owner’s manual will tell you the correct replacement interval for the timing belt. If you need a water pump, replace the timing belt with the pump. If you need a timing belt, replace the water pump with the timing belt.

Replacing the water pump and timing belt is a MAJOR job, requiring disassembly of many components, lots of tools, quite possibly a floor jack, and a workshop manual for instructions. A heated, well-lit garage in which to work would be very helpful, too. I wouldn’t want to do this in a parking lot or at curbside.

Yes, you may have to “jack up the engine,” but I can’t say for sure. If removal of the front motor mount is required, you’ll have to support the engine. That’s why I said you might need a floor jack.

Do you a have the requisite tools, manual, and workspace? If not, I suggest you contact your mechanic, make an appointment, and be prepared to write a check.

Thats the info I needed. This is not my car but would be given to me if I wanted it, my only plan would be to donate it but I would not do this if it had problems.

I have been wrenching since early 70’s, mainly older Chevy’s so I have the tools and know how but I no longer have the back I used to so these days I try and find out what work is needed instead of just going at it.

Thanks very much for your help.

What is the Sunbird,same body as a Cavalier? Wasn’t there a DOHC 4 banger with a chain in this size body (perhaps 2.4L) and it was a real bear to do a water pump on.

I remember doing alternators on 1996 Luminas or Monte Carlos with the "X’ engine (3.4 DOHC) they were absolutely terrible.

While we are on the subject of things the OP did not ask I remember Venture mini-vans had a terrible alternator to replace (FSM says lower sub-frame but I knew better and did it my way ,3hrs latter).