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94 jimmy again

ok, pulled the egr, cleaned it, put in a gasket with a screen and all seems to be running swell…however, since the storm we had here in jersey, seems i’m stuck in 4low…it’s the push button…

how the hell do i get out? please help as i have no dough for a mech.


I have a 2000 Blazer 4wd. If you have the push button transfer switch (Control-Trac or Auto-Troc) the Blazer has to be in neutral and sitting still or moving slowly (2-3 mph) to disengage 4low.

A Chevrolet Tech told me sometimes the Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM) will lock up if the 4wd is not used on a regular basis. To reset the TCCM disconnect the plug at the module (right side kick panel) or disconnect the battery for a few minutes. I disconnect the battery as it’s easier than removing the kick panel.

Here’s a good write up on Blazer 4wd and the TCCM.

Good luck,

Ed B.

and that got you out of 4wd?

I’ve had more problems getting into 4wd that out of it. Only once or twice in the 7 years I’ve owned the truck it got stuck in 4low. The first suggestion is out of the Owner’ Manual.

To quote:

"Shifting Out of 4LO

To shift from 4LO to 4HI, AUTO 4WD or 2HI, your vehicle must be stopped or moving less than 3 mph (4.8 km/h) with the transmission in NEUTRAL (N), or with the clutch pedal pressed for vehicles with manual transmission, and the engine running. The preferred
method for shifting out of 4LO is to have your vehicle moving 1 or 2 mph (1.6 to 3.2 km/h). Press and release the 4HI, AUTO 4WD or 2HI switch. You must wait for the 4HI, AUTO 4WD or 2HI indicator light to stop flashing and remain illuminated before shifting your transmission into gear.

If the 4HI, AUTO 4WD or 2HI switch is pressed when your vehicle is in gear and/or moving, the 4HI, AUTO 4WD or 2HI indicator light will flash for 30 seconds but will not complete the shift unless your vehicle is moving less than 3mph (4.8 km/h) with thetransmission in NEUTRAL (N) or with the clutch pedal pressed for vehicles with manual transmission."

The second suggestion has helped when I had problems shifting from 2wd to 4wd.

Ed B.

ok, undid the batt, and that did the trick…musta been the controller…
i’m happily NOT bringing my truck to the shop…
she runs like a dream now…