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94 ford aerostar air intake gasket

i was just quoted $1200.+ to have the intake manifold gaslet replaced as well as the thermostat and then flushing. Does this seem like an inflated price?

I can’t say for sure, but its probably not all that inflated. Pulling the intake on vehicles like these is no picnic, and it is fairly serious work to have it done right. (I’m sure the thermostat & flush are relatively minimal in relation to the intake).

First be sure you know that you do, in fact, need the intake manifold gasket - but if you do you can now make a couple of phone calls. Most places should be able to give you quotes (even if rough ballparks) over the phone.

Don’t know the shop’s hourly rate nor the number of hours estimated but remember that engine is buried in there and a lot of stuff needs to come off just to get to it. And if you’re needing the gaskets at the cylinder head/intake it’s a good six hour job plus about 100 parts. Shop around labor prices and parts but don’t buy parts too cheap or you’ll be doing it again too soon. ( AutoZone and Checker have two lines of gaskets , buy the Felpro or other good line…or dealer ) Don’t short change a mechanic their due time but 1200 seems a bit too high.

If a coolant pressure test hasn’t been done to verify a blown intake manifold gasket, have it done before you get any further into this.

If the test has been done and proven, expect a bill for very intensive labor of anywhere from $700 to $1000 depending on your geographical location.

On most minivans it’s a 6 hour job.

Mine ('00 Silhouette) cost $680 (CDN)) in 2004.

thanks all for the input