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2012 Santa Fe Intake Manifold Replacement

I’m looking for a ballpark estimate for replacement of the intake manifold - the whole manifold not just the gasket. I see lots of estimates for gasket replacement but none for the whole manifold.

I have a check engine light coming on with error code P200A. Mechanic I took it to said the runners need to be replaced therefore the whole manifold need to be ordered form the dealer and replaced.

It’s a 2012 Santa Fe GLS with 4 cylinder engine.

And the mechanic you took it to is who could provide an decent price . The web can’t because we don’t even know where you are .

The intake manifold is $616 plus gaskets. Labor is about 3 hours.

I don’t know where you are either but keep in mind, no matter where you go, there your are.


Thanks…goods news is that I got a second opinion and the whole manifold doesn’t need to be replaced…a motor in the manifold went bad and can be replaced. Parts, labor plus tax estimated to be $600. Which hurts but cheaper than replacing the whole manifold.

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