1999 honda passport intake manifold gasket replace

can a guy with average to below average mechanical skills tackle replacing intake manifold gasket on this vehicle? i got a haynes manual if that means anything? got any idea what most places would charge to replace this?

There is usually a lot of labor involved doing this job.

Your vehicle may be different.

Depending where you are located the cost for a mech or tech would range between $600 and $1100.

Doing it with average to below average mechanical skills is doable PROVIDING the proper manual instructions are followed.

Taking lots of digital pictures and marking each item and laying them out methodically would likely work.

You would definitely need the proper tools, a parts cleaning bin, torque specs and bolt tightening sequences.

To be sure, it’s a little more than “rip it apart and throw it back together”.

Having someone near (to oversee) with previous experience would certainly be beneficial.

I agree that this definitely falls into the “doable” category.

But I would add that the trickiest things about it are making sure the mating surfaces are clean, sealant applied properly (if necessary) and that you get the torque right. The trouble with this is that you probably won’t notice you’ve done it wrong until you put everything back together, so be prepared for the possibility of having to redo everything.