94 dodge caravan 88,000 miles


van tends to buck at 25-40 mph range on occasion all will stall at idle or when coming to a slow stop. Mechanic had it for four days but couldn’t find any problem

or get it to do any of the above. Please, my wife wants me to buy a new vehicle but

i love my van


How long have the plugs and plug wires been in there? Is this an automatic transmission?


Try the simple stuff first. My Caravan engine has been dependable with 190,000 and I never changed anything, including the oil. I bought it used with 70,000 for $1500. I especislly like the seats, very comfortable for long drives.

I have been having trouble with water in the gas of my lawn mower. Try several doses of dry gas in your tank. My father’s '88 Camry has exactly the same problem as you and I am going to try and dry out his tank. The other thing to check is low fuel pump pressure, especially replace the fuel filter as that is one thing I did replace and it is cheap. The symptoms were stalling at odd times, especially at idle. The filter was under the van, near the passenger door. New filter, no problems.


plugs and wires changed at 62k
a/t was service recently mechanic, who i trust as he has done 90% of all work done since i got it new, said it all looked very clean, nothing out the ordinary showed up


Just as a possibility that the relay is intermittent, swap the horn relay with the ASD (Automatic Shut Down) relay). It’s in the relay box under the hood. You can’t beat the cost, which is zero $. Make sure the fuel filter has been changed in the last couple of years. Old spark plugs wires can cause bucking when they misfire (especially, when accelerating or hill climbing). Your mechanic shouldn’t forget to consider the TCC (Torque Converter Control) system, including the relay.


sounds like a sticky EGR valve to me.