94 dakota heater problems


i have a 94 dakota. i started to get what appears to be water (soaked carpet) on the drivers side floorboard. shortly after the heater/ac stopped working. a friend told me to replace the blower which i have purchased. how would these two problems be related and is the blower the most likely solution. the fuses have been checked and are ok.


They are not related at all. The liquid soaking into the carpet is either anti-freeze, which would indicate a leaking heater core, or water, which would indicate a clogged evaporator drain or a leak somewhere else. Pray for the latter, because replacing the heater core is sometimes a difficult and time-consuming job.

If the blower no longer works, that’s a separate problem, but it has nothing to do with the liquid on the floor.

Note, coolant (anti-freeze) tends to smell sweet and condensation tends to smell musty.


A proper coolant mix will also be considerably more slippery than water.