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2002 Dakota interior leaking

I have a Dakota, and the cab leaks. I find a lot of water standing, mostly on the right side, thoroughly soaking the carpet. i pulled off the track covering the joint of the carpet and doorway, and lots of standing water. Air conditioner leak? seems like a lot of water for that. Wonder if this is a common problem for dakotas. Suggestions? Thanks.

You could check the condenser drain to ensure it’s clear as if it is plugged you will get wet carpets.

If all is good there, check for water seeping in through dried up door and door window weatherstripping. Also, ensure the drain holes in the bottom of each door are clear.

Ensure the drains (below the windshield) for the fresh air vents (under the plastic screen) are clear. One way to clear the drains is to shove a heavy duty (weed trimmer) line down them.

If you have a sunroof, the drains may be plugged, causing water to find a way under the seal and run over the headliner to the floor.

Another place for water to access the interior cabin is via missing wire/hose or cable firewall grommets. (The wheels throw the water up and the cooling fans throw it toward the firewall)

OK, will take a look. out of town now, so will do when i get back. Thanks.

Next stupid question: how do i check the condenser? where do i look for the drain? looked for a diagram in the chilton’s shop manual, not seeing it. thanks again.

Maybe its because you should be looking for the evaporator housing drain,the condensor is in front of the radiator. Condensor,evaporator whats the difference? they both have fins.