94 Corsica Cruise Control Servo Cable replacement?

My parents have a 94 Corsica with the 3.1 V6. They purchased it used and had cruise control installed. Recently, the cruise control cable came loose from the bracket by the throttle body. My stepfather thought he needed a replacement OEM cable. I purchased one on EBay and found out the cruise on his car in not OEM. The OEM cable has a plastic part that clips in to the bracket by the throttle body, but will not fit the aftermarket servo. The aftermarket cable is just a cable with no way to attach it to the bracket (whatever was used broke and was lost, so I don’t know how it was attached). Any ideas of how to re-attach the aftermarket cruise control cable or links to places that may have parts. I know the Audiovox aftermarket cruise I installed on my Sentra years ago had a GM styled threaded snap in cable anchor in its parts list. With the non-threaded cable I have to work with, I am wondering is there is some sort of aftermarket GM styled cable anchor that would fit the cable I have?

You can buy cable clamps that are pretty much just small cylinders with a hole drilled so that the cable can slide through, and a bolt threads down on top of it to clamp it in place.

Thanks. I might have picked up something like you are talking about at Lowes tonight. I think they are called tube clamps. I figured one on each side of the cable as it goes through accelerator cable bracket could secure it from back and forth movement. The accelerator cable bracket has a hole that I could attach some 90 degree pieces of metal. If I bend the edge, I could then bolt the tube clamps to the 90 degree metal. That would keep the cable from going sideways. As long as the cable lines up with the correct tension, I think it will work. I guess I was looking for a simple solution, but it does not seem like there are a lot of choices.

I would go back to where the cruise control was installed and see if they have parts for it or can get parts for it.

My parents live out in the country and the person who installed it came down from St. Louis under contract of the local Chevy dealership. The best I could do is get the name of the place that sold the parts in the first place. I called them and they may not have anything. I have the cable in my car and will go see what they have before I go down to my parents on Tuesday. They have to see it first. If they don’t have the part that clips in to the throttle cable bracket, I will go to plan B…

I went to the shop that may have provided parts for my parents cruise control install. One person shop. Said it was not a brand they carry, but he provided the proper parts to secure the cruise control cable. He gave me a threaded clamp for the cruise cable and another clamp for the accelerator cable. Basically, the cruise cable was secured to the accelerator cable with a bolt in the middle of the clamps. In addition I secured the cruise cable close to the fender so it kept the proper align. It seemed to work OK. It is nice to have someone kind enough to guide me and for free. My parents are poor and every little bit helps.