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Installing an OEM Cruise Control 1998 Cavalier

Ok, so this is my first post here. I’ve been looking for a couple of days with no good results. I have a 1998 Chevy Cavalier with 2.2 liter Engine, 3 Speed Automatic transmission. Its an old government vehicle, so the cassette player was the only bell/whistle it came with.

Anyway, a few years back I had an aftermarket Rostra Cruise Control unit installed. About six months after the unit’s warranty expired my battery died. Replacing the battery fried the Rostra. Had the guy who installed it look at it, he said we could replace the unit but otherwise there was no way to repair it.

Anyway, that was about a year ago. The other day I was getting a couple of parts from the Junkyard and noticed an OEM cruise unit in a couple of cavaliers that I was grabbing parts from. My question is can I use the existing wiring harness and cruise control switch on my steering column to hook up an OEM Cruise control unit? I talked to my mechanic, he said the Rostra was a self-contained unit that didn’t really send any data other than postive and negtative and that some OEM units are more complex and have computer relays that send more data. Basically, he suggested that if the GM OEM part was self contained the existing wiring could be adapted to work but if it wasn’t he couldn’t.

Ultimately, this is why I need to know if I could pull an old CC unit and splice into my existing wiring. I haven’t found anything yet online but thought someone here might have an idea.

Attached are pictures of the OEM unit, can’t find any from the Rostra (can post them later). They look to be basically the same to me but I don’t know enough.

By 1998, most cars had integrated electronics, with one black box talking to another…Non-factory cruise control installs are seldom successful…