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Metal Hook broke on 03 Chevy Cav during spark plug change


For people familiar with the Chevrolet Cavalier I have a question… I was changing my spark plugs and while bending the 'hook" that holds this wire in place, the hook snapped off.

Does it matter? What will happen without it? Any suggestions on what to do?

The hook I’m talking about is right near the oil cap over the spark plug coils that says 'ecotec"


It looks like a clip to keep the throttle cable and cruise control cable organized. The cables are fixed at the brackets on either end, so you should have on worries. If the cables are not secured there, it should still be Ok.

If you are concerned about it, you can secure those cables with nylon tie straps as long as some of the bracket is still there. The tie straps are one time use, but they are cheap.

If you have the broken part, just put it in place and use one tie strap between the two cables to hold the two pieces of the bracket together.

That bracket is just there to hold the cables (they’re not electrical wires) in place, I’m sure you can figure out a way to strap them in place.

That bracket you broke is just held in place by one 10mm head bolt. Look a little further before you start bending/breaking things.

The hook wasn’t meant to be bent, the throttle cables just slide to the right, out the open end of the “Hook”.

Depending on where the hook broke I would just drill a couple holes in it and use cable ties to hold the cables from flopping around.

I saw the accelerator cable bracket, but assumed the photo must have been taken after the piece broke, and went looking unsuccessfully for a broken bracket the purpose of which would be to hold the COP primary wires. Unable to find one, I didn’t post.

OP, was my assumption correct or is it that cable bracket t hat broke??

You could always go to Home Depot get some metal stock about 3/4 in. wide and 1/16 (maybe1/8) in. thick and make a new bracket.