94 berretta

the egr valve was bad replaced it now i have what looks like oil and water mixed runs great . dose anyone know what’s causing this ??? thanks kenn

Please post engine size and configuration, mileage on car, engine overheating?, losing coolant?, how engine running? Help us help you.

now i have what looks like oil and water mixed

OK big question. Where is this mix? Radiator, oil, ???

This falls into the MANY years of GM’s intake manifold leak problems. Is there water in the oil pan??

it has a3.1 the miles are 172000 no overheating ,not losing coolant,engine runs great it what looks oil &water mixing at the egr valve right bythe throttle body

the engine is a3.1 no overheating no coolant lost about 172000 miles and runs great iha oil around the egr valve & took it off . it a had what looks when oil and water mix there is no oil in thecoolant or coolant inthe oil

Clean it out,put some miles on the car,look again,if it returns it will need to be identified.
Your car runs great,no oil in coolant,no coolant in oil,no leaks to outside.
I would have to see the substance your refering to.
At this time keep your eyes open for another clue.
Best I could come up with.

thanks that is what i did