1994 chrysler lebaron 3.0 engine water on spark plug

hi, i wanted to no why my car has water on the spark plugs not alot though couple drips on the threads and on the part u gap(numbers 3 and 5 both are side by side), the oil looks like a light chocolate shack, it also spills a lot of water out the exhaust pipe. sort of like its being sprayed out non stop. i haven’t did a compression test but all plugs are removed im thinking its a head gasket. lmk what y’all think thanks

and the rest of the spark plugs look good just numbers 3 and 5 were wet

Sounds like a breached head gasket between cylinders 3 & 5.



should i even do a compression test or just start pulling it apart

I think you know enough without the test, even if the compression looked ok you still have the water to deal with.

ok good enough, i will be tearing it down tomarrow, ill post pix of what i c

ok got most of the engine apart some exhaust stuff and heads will be out heres some pix’s, there was oil by the water tube is that normal. the valves are in order 1,3,5

ill be taking the rest off today

Was the gasket bad? Any sign of leaking thru gasket?
You may have a cracked head - the cylinder head that is not yours

  • not that uncommon on al heads.

yup u got it right on the nose i look down the middle hole and there was a small crack here’s are pix. the whole head at the bottom is the cracked one the one on the top is the other one the pistons look ok.

can that crack be welded

A replacement would be your best bet - lots of these engines still around - look online or salvage yard - get a guarantee.

“Can that crack be welded?”

I’m not sure if an aluminum head can be repaired. I once had an iron head repaired for a couple of cracks and it cost almost as much as a new one. I would suggest checking salvage yards for a used one or look into reman heads. Or, if you really want to reuse this one, call a machine shop or three and see if it can be fixed.

I would stop and not spend any money on this vehicle.

You stated the oil in the pan looked like a chocolate shake, and water was coming out the tail pipe. Well, when the oil in the pan is contaminted with that much coolant it usually damages the lower engine bearings. So you could invest all your time and money into fixing the upper engine leak only to find the lower bearings were damaged and the engine seizes.

So either walk away from this project, or replace the entire engine.


so if i pull the engine and the bearings are cool ill be good to go, dont really have the money for another engine or car. everything seams to move smoothly when i turn the balancer by hand

Tester provided some valuable input.

The glycol in antifreeze oxidizes to form various acids. These acids are corrosive and can pit the clad surfaces of the lead/tin overlay on your bearings.

Your engine bearing surfaces are likely darkened and/or pitted. Do you really want to do all this work, only to risk having lower-end bearing failure shortly after reassembling the engine?

the car only has water in there no antifreeze at all did a water pump change ater winter and since it was warm out side only been using water so would that cancel out the bearing problem? and thanks for the info so far

No. When water gets into the oil and the vehicle sits, the water sinks to the bottom of the oil pan and the oil floats on top of the water. Because the oil pump pickup screen sits at the bottom of the oil pan and when the engine is restarted, the first thing that gets pumped thru the engine is water. And water is an excellent solvent where it can remove the oil film from the lower bearings.

I’ve seen this condition many times where the oil looks like a chocolate shake. And if you were to bring it to me to repair, I’d tell you don’t waste your money.


ok, i found another engine trying to get some money together and ill be getting it thanks for all your help

what it the rocker arm shaft bolt torque.

i found it its 21 lbs