Loss of power/ bad odor

i have a 2000 kia specra that i bought from a private owner last year in the fall. well ive had to repair the oil pan,o2 senser,cv joints, new rotors(possibly need new drums and back brakes), got hit on my right side(not a bad dent) had to recharge my battery, new belt for the starting motor (forgot what its called left side of engine below pswer steering container), new power steering pressure pump, new thermostat, new radiator cap, new water pump, gasket too. put in antifreeze(full) also brake and power steering full. transmission fluid is ok didnt really check it today but yesterday was ok. did hit a log last year but didnt damage anything just had to fix radiator stand. log didnt go all the way under just front of car, needed new tires. all i see is some sort of fluid leaking fron under the car not fast but slow and i see that where the fuel or middle of car is has fluid on it. car has over 4000 miles and in need for oil change but not hot. car has almost 114,000 miles on it. so my question is wtf is wrong with my acceleration and power?(power locks and windows sometimes unresponsive only rarely they work.

also wanted to mention fluid lvls arent really dropping, may be something else hope not fuel

ok just checked transmission fluid, its empty. may also be whats leaking under car, what could have caused this and how can i fix it?

I hope you got a really good deal (read that as really cheap) on this POS when you bought it. This is a lot of work in 6 months on a 9 year old car. This much work leads me to believe a lot of maintenance was neglected, and I fear for the long term survivability of this car.

Find the leak. The transmission has a lot of places for fluid to leak. There are 3 shaft seals. One is the front pump seal between the engine and transmission. The transmission will need to be removed to get to it. Then there are 2 axle seals where the CV joints attach the the transmission. These can be replaced with the transmission in place, by the CV joint half-shafts need to be removed.

Then, there are the fluid cooling lines. These run the transmission fluid to the cooler in the radiator. There are hard lines at the transmission, and rubber hoses at the radiator to allow for normal engine flex. Both lines can get loose, damaged, or break and cause leaks. The fluid cooler in the radiator can also leak inside the radiator, mixing transmission fluid with coolant.

Then, there is the oil pan on the bottom of the transmission. This has a gasket that can blow out and leak, or the pan can take damage, and bend out of shape causing leaks.

Finally there is the aluminum case itself. Typically, with the accidents you mentioned, especially the log, it is not unheard of that the transmission case takes a shot, and cracks, leading to leaks. If this happens, the transmission needs to be replaced. There is no real fix to a cracked case.