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Water in my engine oil?

I took my car in 2 months ago to get my oil changed and they told me i have water in my oil… ive been checking it over the past few weeks and the color of my oil indicates that i do have water getting into my oil, but my car is running fine, it’s not overheating and i haven’t had any problems with it yet so im not sure if it is just a head gasket or someone else mentioned i might need a new motor?! i dont know whats really going on?

Keep your coolant bottle futtl. Have this repaired asap or you may end up buying a different engine.

Most likely one of the intake manifold gaskets has let loose.

When this happens the engine won’t overheat and will run normally. But once this coolant starts entering the engine oil, engine damage is occuring. So either stop driving the vehicle and hope engine damage hasn’t occured and replace the intake maifold gaskets. Or continue driving the vehicle and guarantee the engine is destroyed.


You don’t mention the year of this Pontiac; whether the engine is an Inline 4 or a V6; and the size of the engine i.e. 2.5 liter I4 or whatever. It makes a difference.

With more information we can give you more helpful advice.