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Wheel Noise

I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla that has developed a rhythmic noise which seems to be coming from the driver’s side front tire.

It is like a scraping sound that speeds up when the car speeds up and slows down when the car slows down.

Any ideas as to what it might be?



Have your front wheel bearings checked - and asap as bad wheel bearings can get dangerous. You can do this yourself by jacking the front of the car, supporting with jack stands and then grabbing the wheel on either side and wiggling - there shouldn’t be any wiggle. Also put the trans in neutral and spin the wheel - it should sound nice & smooth with no grind.

Drive wheel bearings can get noisy without having any perceptible play in the wheel. It is hard to know for SURE that the problem was a bearing until the bearing is replaced and the noise is gone (or not), though an experienced ear, particularly someone familiar with this model, can distinguish between the noises of wheel bearings, CV joints, and brakes.

I once replaced a CV joint on a K-car that everyone who heard the noise was certain that it as a CV joint noise. Turned out to be the wheel bearing. Bearing felt tight and smooth, but it was making a terrible noise.