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93 toyota pickup wont start when cold

I have a 1993 toyota pickup with a 22re engine that wont start when cold. I have replaced the cold start injector but it didn’t seem to help. The truck will eventually start after 15 or 20 tries turning the key off after every attempt. The battery turns over the engine fine (for now) but I don’t want to kill it or the starter. Any suggestions?

Are there any codes in the computer?

I’d be tempted to try a new coolant temperature sender. The one that signals the computer. If the temp sensor signal is bad the computer may not be enriching the mixture to start the cold engine.

I’d also want to test the fuel pressure.

Haven’t checked for codes yet but I sure will. Is there any test for the temp sender or just a code? thanks for the help!

This is if pressure is ok and no codes.
I have had a few older cars,mainly toyotas and this is the way I see it.
All connections are dirty and old,timing chain or belt is a little loose, commpression is a bit low so they get harder to start.
I take air cleaner tube off at throttle body and drill a small hole just big enough for the straw from a can of name brand starting fluid. Cover hole with duct piece of duct tape, you can change from time to time.
In the cold open door put keys in and open hood take off tape squirt a shot then turn key and it will start.
Take off straw and PUT cap back on carry a pouch to carry it in.
I think this is better than motor turning over and over with no oil and wasting starter.

There is another electronic item that helps start a cold 22re engine. It is the cold start timing switch. It is located on the front of the intake manifold. It is brown harness and next to a green harness, the thermostat.

Jswhyman, are you aware that you just answered a seven year old thread? :slight_smile: