Hard starting Toyota pick up

I have an 89 Toyota pick up, 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive with 117,000 miles. It has met all scheduled maintenance including timing belt at 70,000. Recently got new belts, plugs, wires, rotor and cap. Problemis that didn’t help the hard cold start, long crank, sputtering, starts in the third turnover try. Toyota dealer service rep has computer scoped it twice and is stumped. Probably because when I get it to the dealer, it has already started obviously and is WARM, so it starts right up. I think it is fuel filter or more expesively, the fuel injectors are clogged or broken. What say ye?? Davey Lee

The problem might be with the fuel pump anti-drain back valve. If this valve leaks, it’ll allow the fuel in the fuel rail(s)/fuel line to drain back into the gas tank.

To confirm this, on the next cold start turn the ignition switch to run position so that the dash lights come on for two seconds and then turn the ignition switch off. Repeat this a half dozen times. This will cycle the fuel pump enough times to reprime the fuel system. Now try starting the engine. If the engine starts right up and runs smoothly, the problem is with the anti-drain back valve in the fuel pump assembly.


thank you, it worked.!! would you suggest a new fuel pump, live with it the way it is, or???Davey Lee

Maybe a temp sensor, when its cold it tells computer to give it more gas like a choke.
Does it idle faster when it starts cold, it should and that is one thing the temp sensor does.
Clean connectors before replacing.

Now that you know what it is and are able to get around the problem, I’d live with it until the fuel pump showed a more serious problem and replace the fuel pump at that time.

And when you go to replace the fuel pump, remove or tilt the box up to get at the fuel pump. Much easier than dropping the tank.