1988 Toyota truck: COLD...won't start!

Why won’t my Toyota truck start when it gets real cold? When it drops below 30 degrees overnight, my truck won’t start in the morning. It cranks and cranks, but won’t start. Later in the day when it warms up, it starts just fine. Any ideas?

Check it for a sticky choke. If the choke plate will not total close after one pump on the gas, it is sticking open. Of course, I hope we are talking about the 22-R engine with the 2-bbl. carb. If it is the 22-RE, then replace the coolant temp sensor that runs to the computer. It will have two wires on the connector, not one. It should be located on top next to the thermostat housing.

It is the 22-RE, so no carburator involved. So, the coolant temp sensor may be bad and keeping it from starting when it’s cold? It sounds like a relatively easy replacement. I’ll give that a try. Any other possibilities if this does not do the trick? Thanks so much for the advice!