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93 probe gt won't start when temp below freezing

2.5 litre v6 will not start when temp is below freezing.

the battery is full and i have put gas line antifreeze in each time i fill up and that didn’t work last time i made sure it wasn’t that and put two in when i filled up. Every time the weather gets cold the car will not start but always turns over. as soon as it warms up enough to melt some snow or even just not let it snow the car starts right up.

i have had the battery tested and it came back fine.

also just replaced wires and plugs in november

I suggest having the coolant temperature sensor tested, or replaced. It’s cheap and a good place to start.

STOP pouring gas line antifreeze in your tank. This is not helping, and may be exacerbating the problem.

Your fuel lines are not freezing. There is some other problem.