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Nissan sentra 2005 won't start below 32F

Almost exactly around freezing temperature my car won’t start. if it’s above 32 then it will, and if it’s below it won’t. Pouring warm water on the battery or engine didn’t help, replacing the battery advanced auto parts said was low didn’t fix it. Everything else works fine and it works fine above freezing.
All the lights work, the vents work, but the engine just turns forever.

That was not going to help . You could try what people used to do years ago .Get up in the middle of the night and start the vehicle and let it run for 20 minutes .

I think that would only work if the temperature is above freezing in the middle of the night

Hi Gary:
When you say “the engine just turns forever”, it means your battery is fine. It’s either spark or fuel.

I’m wondering if you have any water in the tank that might be freezing up.

Does the engine run smoothly above 32 degrees?
If you start and run it above 32, will it keep running after the temps drop below 32?

I haven’t tried that yet

I did put a bottle of HEET in it and since filled the tank and drove around enough to thoroughly mix it.