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93 Ford Probe gt won't start

My car has a 2.5 litre v6 automatic that will not start. The car did not start when the weather first got really cold and i was told that since there was no fuel going to the engine and there was no fuel pump hum, that my fuel pump had gone. Due to money constraints I let the car sit because i could not afford a new pump and labor. So the weather warmed up and I said what the heck and tried to start my car. it fired up no problems. I was told it must have just been a frozen line so i put in gas line antifreeze and that was that. Now the car will not even sputter to a start. The started turns but no attempt at firing up. I get a spark but again no start. my fuel pump had never hummed even with the car running. i was told the fuel pump should not quit working then start working and quit again. I have heard fuel pump again to fuel filter and frozen lines again. Any help as to what it could be would be appreciated.

There is no question that you should be able to hear your fuel pump - but not as the car runs. Just turn the key to the run position, but not to where it cranks. If the fuel pump is working you should hear a brief (2-3 sec) hum.

Frozen lines are unlikely. A new fuel filter can never hurt, but isn’t likely to give an intermittent problem. Dirty/loose connections and/or damaged wiring actually are. I would start by checking all of the fuel pump wiring & connections - inspect, pull all plugs & clean them. Your fuel pump is probably accessed by picking up the rear seat cushion. Start there and work you way up.

A bad fuel pump can work sometimes. You still don’t know if the pump is bad or if there is a bad connection or if something is telling the fuel pump to stop. Times are different now but some older Fords would foul the plugs and would not start until they were changed or cleaned. Fuel injected Fords needed engine heaters installed for cold weather. Weak spark has kept a lot of cars from starting in the cold. Spring is coming.

The next time the engine won’t start, take a rubber mallet and give the bottom of the gas tank a couple of good whacks. Now try starting the engine. If it starts the fuel pump in faulty.