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Starts but no power - can't get above 5mph

It was about 50 degrees below in Michigan last night - and I think there’s less than a quarter tank of gas in my car. Now it just won’t go - did I freeze up the fuel line? Is there any fix other than waiting for spring?

Is there frost on the airflow sensor ? This would need dis-assembled to know but the symptom resembles no signal from the airflow sensor.
Once upon a time I left my air cleaner snout off after replacing the alternator. It would start but when in drive, there was no accelerator response. It would go only as fast as the idle would allow.

Cars don't really like to run at 50 below (is that wind chill?: Wind chill does not apply to cars)  Often they may start, but not run well until they warm up.  (In my personal experience diesels are more prone that that one) 

If you park near a power source there are a couple of heaters that can keep some of the chill off your motor when you plug them in.

Thanks everyone - on the suggestion of my mechanic I tried a bottle of Heet before I had it towed in - and I think that’s going to do the trick. The 50 degrees below was me exaggerating - in real life it’s a balmy 7.

If the fuel line were frozen the engine would not start or run. If the engine runs the fuel line is not frozen.

Does the engine rev up when you step on the gas? You didn’t say. If the engine revs but the vehicle won’t go very fast I’d say it’s a transmission issue.

Let’s start from the beginning. What are you driving? Year, make, model, engine and transmission type, and mileage. All of this may help.