93 Mazda truck computer

HELP! I’ve already replaced two computers in my 93 Mazda B2600i & I am about to replace my 3rd as the same sypmtoms are starting again. I don’t know much about engines/computers but it seems to me something elsewhere is inherently wrong that causes the computers to keep going out. Does anybody have any thoughts on why this continues to happen and shorts out/burns out the computer?

How about telling us why you are replacing computers. How long between replacements (miles and time)

Happy to. Original computer w/ truck replaced at 109,222 miles 8-3-05. First thought it was the fuel pump. Symptoms: engine felt as though it was not getting fuel and going to die at any second. No power despite flooring the gas. Replaced fuel pump Symptoms persisted after fuel pump replacement. Mechanic diagnosed computer.

Computer above replaced at 116,351 miles on 7-26-07. Same symptoms started about 2 months ago, very minor at first then more noticeable. I had my mechanic give me this computer and have it in my possession as they are hard to come by.

Did I miss the part where the mechanic replaced the fuel filter and, then, pressure tested the fuel pump, with engine under load, in Drive and brake on?
Did I miss the part where the mechanic mysteriously deemed the computer defective in some mysterious fashion?
I must have missed the part where the mechanic did some systematic troubleshooting and used the repair manual as a guide and a reference.
Did I miss all that stuff?

No, but please if you have something to offer, please do so and quite being a smart ass.

So, OK. Direct, then. Do the things I saw no mention of.

Thank you kindly. I will check with my mechanic to get back to you.