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1992 mazda b2200 problems

I have replaced the water pump,oil pump,timing belt an tensioners, done a head job an now it wants to start missing when you put a strain on the motor[going up hill]but doesn’t on level ground.HELP!!!

Are you sure the timing is right on target now?

How about the usual stuff, like plugs, plug wires, air and fuel filters etc?

new plugs,checked timing with timing light new wires fuel filter I don’t know about.

Change the fuel filter and put a pressure gauge on it.

Also check for exhaust restrictions - a vacuum gauge is easiest for that.

thank you guys I got it fixed,THANK YOU

So let us in on the answer. What was the final solution?

“I gotsta know”.

the timing was off just a fraction.timing light showed it was right but when i looked at it it was right but wasn’t. IN OTHER WORDS MY EYE SIGHT AN EVERYBODY WHO LOOKED AT IT WAS WRONG.