93 Lincoln Town Car Towing 2,500 lbs?

Someone else asked a similar question about this, but to be very specific to my issue: does anyone have advice on whether a '93 Lincoln town car cartier can pull a 2,300 to 2,500 travel trailer? It does not have a tow package, but I would put a class III hitch on it. I travel alone, so it is important not to make a mistake on this. The car has 198,000 miles on it and has been taken good care of. Only problem is it burns oil. I have to put two cans of oil in before my 3-month oil change each time. What in the world is a “panther platform?” I see someone mentioned that earlier. Thank you for any input, ideas, etc

Your vehicle could pull the weight of the trailer but I don’t know if I would go cross country with that kind of mileage. The engine will burn more oil because of the increased weight of the trailer. How far are you planning to tow the trailer? Has the vehicle been properly maintained by the owners manual schedule including the transmission? I would suggest that a good mechanic check out the vehicle completely including the air suspension system if your Town Car is so equipped. That can be a problem when towing a trailer. There are a lot of variables here so your answers are needed for myself and others who may answer your post. How are the tires and brakes? A transmission fluid cooler will also have to be installed in addition to the hitch.

The Ford Panther platform is one of Ford Motor Company’s full-size, rear-wheel drive sedan automobile platforms.

Just to make sure it’s clear. Your Towncar is on the Panther platform, as are the Grand Marquis and the Crown Vic. A better place than here for you to be asking your questions about towing with the Towncar is www.crownvic.net

A Town Car in good shape should handle towing this weight without much trouble. It would help if the trailer had either surge or electric brakes. When towing the motor will work harder and therefore burn more oil, faster.

If you go ahead with this have your trans fluid and rear differential fluid changed now and about every 20 to 30K miles. If you live in a hot area and/or plan to tow frequently, long distances, or in hilly country you want to be sure you have a transmission cooler for the tranny.